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You’re probably wondering, why choose Lytehouse Studio as the site for your next project or event? For starters, we work with state of the art and top of the line lighting and photography equipment. We also have a professional spacious studio that can easily be adapted for any purpose. But what makes us different from other studios with similar facilities? What sets us apart from the crowd? How are we better suited to handle your needs? The answer is convenient and personalized service. Located in east Williamsburg, Brooklyn our location is easy to reach for anyone in New York, regardless of where they’re located. Not only do we have enough parking available, we are also located on the ground floor and have a drive-on Cyclorama. This cuts out the hassle that is transporting equipment, simply park and set up in the same space. Many other studios don’t have parking as close to the studio itself and are not often located on the ground floor making transporting materials much more difficult. Additionally, here at Lytehouse Studio we cater to your needs individually and are always there to personally ensure that your vision is carried out to your satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on offering a personal luxury professional studio experience to photographers and artists looking for a workspace and will do everything possible to make your experience with us perfect.

Call (718) 502 6302 or email to book a tour, it's time to bring your vision to life!

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