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Almost every photographer's portfolio includes some amount of studio work. The clean white background has been used the world over, from high-fashion shoots to everyday e-commerce. However, if not executed correctly, the subject can come out looking as though they are floating, making it seem as though they were superimposed onto the background. Changing the lighting to form shadows around the model can help anchor them to the environment, but the overall look can still come across plain and artificial looking. Here's an effective way to better your model or product shoots for little to no cost.


One simple inexpensive way to instantly improve that results of studio shoot is to work off of a reflective surface. Not only will it make your model or product seem more fixed in place it will also make your photos more interesting. By creating a reflection under your model or product you are also creating a sense of depth in your image, making your subject seem more engaged with their surroundings. Although the difference is subtle, it will play an important role in making your photos stand out from those of others. There isn a lot of room for creative expression when shooting on a plain background so a small reflection can make a big difference and can prevent your shots from looking like everyone else studio shots. The best kind of way to achieve this kind of reflection is with a sheet of clear perspex, plexiglass, or glass. Its more convenient to use glass with product photography, but when shooting with a model its wiser to use perspex or plexiglass because not only is it cheaper, but it also is less likely to break.

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