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As a professional photographer with a growing business, there are always some practices that you should follow to ensure that you're doing as well as you possibly can. Here are 5 things we think all successful professional photographers should do.


Recognize that camera settings are entirely situational. Have you ever seen an amazing photo and wondered, wow what camera settings did that photographer use to get that effect? The reality is that even though those settings created that effect in that situation,  they wont create the same effect for you because it's virtually impossible that you are successfully able to replicate the same conditions. Learn to set your camera for the environment you're in and that way you’ll be able to achieve the look you want. 


Don't waste your time effort and energy trying to impress or compete with other photographers. If you take a picture that you are proud of, don’t compare it to pictures taken by another photographer, understand that you are at different skill levels and although your image may not be as good, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t up to par. What really matters is that you are able to impress and satisfy your clients.


Don't obsess over gear. You should look at gear purely as a tool to get a job done. A photographer’s best tool is their mind and their artistic eye. A lot of photographers have a tendency to value gear that they don’t have so much more than the gear that they do. If you ever feel uninspired about the gear that you have, try to make use of it by finding new techniques and new ways to use it, don’t resort to buying new gear to use as a crutch.


Be exceptionally careful of what your website looks like. Never just put any ordinary pictures on your website, on the contrary, on a website is only the very best of the best. The first and second pictures that appear on your website must be extraordinary because they are what grab people’s attention, if those aren’t your best, people often don’t bother looking at the rest and you loose a potential client. Look at any other photographers website, regardless of who they are, they will always show their best work first. Even the best photographers do this. One of the fastest and best ways to get clients is to only put the best of the best on your website.


Always deliver your work to your clients in a timely manner. Take great care of cultivating a relationship with your client by making sure you provide them with your best service in the least amount of time possible. Making your clients wait two to three weeks for headshots for example is unacceptable. Many photographers or actually obsessive about their client relationships, as good clients can help your business grow by word-of-mouth. Try to get your client their proofs back within one or two days, it’s not necessary that you fix every image before you get it to your client. It’s best to first show them something immediately then get them the final product later on but also within a reasonable timeframe. This may not apply to all types of photographers but the bottom line is don’t make your clients wait unnecessarily.