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Holiday Decorating Tips With A Twist!

People love holiday parties for their festive quality! Here are some holiday decorating hacks that will elevate the quality of your events through immersive storytelling techniques.  

    • Stick to a theme. Themes can help narrow down your lighting, decoration, and furniture options. By doing this you immediately narrow down your concept into something more feasible.

    • Lighting! Lighting offers guests an intimate experience that rentals and decoration can not.

    • Details people! While it may be more tedious, details such as fake snow, tinsel, faux gifts, garland will create a more genuine immersive experience.

    • Utilize all your senses. Spice up your space with scented candles, freshly baked desserts, and genuine plants. Adding these scents to your space will make them feel real, and will increase the immersive quality of the party. 

    • Pro Tip! Projection Mapping, when done right its one of the best ways to immerse your guests info any environment!

However you decorate your next party don’t forget that what really gets people excited is the story you tell. At Lytehouse Studio we specialize in immersive storytelling using Projection Mapping, Lighting, and Holograms to name a few of the technologies we like to incorporate in our events. Did we mention we offer full-service event planning, design, and production, all under one roof!

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