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There are a lot of different ways to compose a shot when filming. To get you started, we’ve come up with a few “common” camera set ups that you can use while you’re filming:

  • “The YouTuber” Setup

    • Everyone’s seen the overzealous YouTuber bursting through the screen with their quirky, signature greeting. The YouTuber Setup is a go-to when making videos because it gives your videos a conversational feel. All you need to do is position the camera directly in front of you-- dead center. Some people get fancy and add ring lights or box lights, but they aren’t necessary.

  • “The Dateline Interview” Setup

  • We call this the “Dateline Interview” set-up. You’ll notice that in a lot of interviews, the person being interviewed is not positioned directly in front of the camera, but rather off to the side and the camera is at a slight angle. To achieve this setup, position your subject directly in front of you but place your camera about 30 degrees away from where you’re standing or sitting. This is a great camera setup if you want to give your video a more interrogative feel.

  • “Chefin’ Up Something” Setup

    • Get cookin’ or get crafty with this this last camera setup. This camera set up is probably the most “tricky” to pull off because it requires a C-stand, but you can rent them at your local photography store for a reasonable price. With the C-stand, secure your camera into the mounting plate and position as desired. This camera setup will take your craft, cooking, or tutorial videos to the next level!