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Thinking about getting into videography??? If so, you probably already have everything you need to get started. Here are a few of the things that a beginner videographer should have:

Phone or Camera that records video (if you have one)

  • This might seem obvious, but you will need some sort of device to record your videos on. This could be a phone camera, a GoPro, a DSLR really anything that captures video.  

A Tripod

  • The next thing you’ll need is a tripod. This isn’t absolutely necessary for a beginner to have, but it sure does make filming easier. If you’re just starting out, you could use a surface that will be steady enough to hold your camera. Be sure to test it out before you put your camera on it!

Hard Drive

  • A hard drive will be your best friend as you take on life as a videographer... trust us on this one. A hard drive allows you to store and organize all of your footage separately from your computer. Without a hard drive, your computer space fills up three times as fast due to the size of most video files. PRO TIP: if your hard drive has a detachable cable, be sure to unplug the cable from the drive when you’re transporting it, that way it won’t loosen the port.


  • A notebook is a great thing to have once you start creating content because you can plan the shots you want to get before you start filming and you can also use it to compile a list of ideas for future videos.

Some sort of editing software

  • There are a lot of different editing softwares out there, and each one has different capabilities. But before paying for a software that locks you in with a yearly subscription or paying upfront for one that costs hundreds of dollars, we recommend you test out a free software, most computers offer a free option. You can even edit from your phone using apps from the app store!

And there you have it! You’re on your way to your local film festival.