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Post Production is where you have endless creative freedom to customize your footage. There are so many different ways to edit, that it can almost be overwhelming! But have no fear, we’re here to show you a few do-no-wrong post production touches you can incorporate in your next video.

  • Color Correction

    • Color Correction is a quick way to make your videos look more professional. Now, depending on what kind of camera you filmed on will determine the starting place of the footage you’re working with. Some cameras capture more “flat” footage and other cameras capture more vibrant footage. Simply boost the color in your footage, this can be as little or as much as you’d like, and there you have it!

  • Black Bars

    • If you instantly want to make your video look like a feature film, try adding black bars on top of your video sequence. Black bars crop the video proportions and create a widescreen effect. We love using black bars because they create cinematic look. With this effect, your video will look like it’s ready for the big screen.

  • Music (Copyright Free)

    • Don’t underestimate the power of music. Music can add a whole new dimension to your film. It sets the tone and guides us through the narrative just as much as the content itself. Just think about how you know to prepare for something scary in a horror movie just by hearing the ominous music in the background. Music goes hand in hand with storytelling.

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