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So, you have your equipment all ready to go and you’ve planned out the shots you want, BUT before you go out, keep these tips in mind as you film.  

Too much footage? No such thing!

  • It’s always better to have more footage than not enough footage. Every video editor has been in a situation where there’s not enough footage but you somehow have to make the video work. We recommend recording more than enough footage, that way you can have an abundance of options to choose from while you’re editing. PRO TIP: Always keep your footage even after you’ve finished editing it!!! You might need to revisit the project at a later date or you might just want to use some of the footage for another project.

Stable as a Table

  • When filming, try to be as steady as possible. Shaky footage can be disorienting to the viewer and hard to fix during the editing process. It’s best to move slowly and keep the camera level when in motion.

Horizontal or Vertical?

  • A lot of people don’t think about this before they begin filming, but the way you hold your camera affects the proportions of the video. These proportions are known as the aspect ratio, which is basically the height to width ratio. You’ll typically see horizontal videos on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo and vertical videos on Instagram or Snapchat.

Tell a Story

  • Videography is a beautiful art form because it allows you to tell stories through a visual medium. Everything that you include in your film should be intentional. Even the b-roll footage should support the narrative.