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Full-service Creative Production for Motion / Photo: On-site and On Location


Leave it to us, from start to finish

Or anywhere in between


Creative Direction > Art Direction > Pre-Production > Crew & Talent Hire > Shoot Production > Shoot > Post Production > Dissemination

Lytehouse Studio's Production Services will spearhead your campaign from start to finish. Our team of creatives will take your idea, from a high level of conceptualization and make it a reality. Pick a start point and end point in the timeline above. Have creative but need crew and a shoot, we got you. Need an idea finalized and shot but will take care of post, not a problem. Don't know what you need? Drop us a line and we can help you figure it all out!





Creative Direction - High level conceptualization of aesthetics and mood of content creation

Art Direction - Realization of a conceptualized project

Pre-Production - Casting, Crew, Shoot Requirements

Crew & Talent - In house Photographers, Videographers, Producers, Retouchers, Creative Directors, Art Directors, Set Design Available

Shoot / Content Creation - Image Capture

Post Production - Retouching and Video Editing

Image Dissemination - Project Handoff