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A Look Inside Lytehouse Studio

The specific space and features within a studio is a vital part when scouting the location for your photo/film production. At Lytehouse Studio in Brooklyn, we have created multiple areas throughout our studio to accommodate the needs that accompany the creation of music videos, commercials, short films, movie trailers, photoshoots, and more. Contact our team today with any questions or comments!

Loading Bays

At the front of Lytehouse Studio, you will find two large garage bay doors that provide easy access into both the cyclorama stage and patio production areas. This allows you to drive vehicles and props right into the studio and onto the stage with the ability to make full turns. The distressed doors also create a fun background that can be utilized in your photo/film production. 

Cyclorama Stage

The cyclorama stage is the largest production space within Lytehouse Studio. This huge white wall can be used alongside video projections, lights, and paint to create the perfect stage for your film, video, or photoshoot. The possibilities are endless within this large customizable space that also has a ceiling clearance of 20-plus feet.


The private patio within Lytehouse Studio has an open ceiling that enables you to shoot with natural lighting. This fun space also has access to a large garage bay door that allows you to easily load props and equipment in and out of the production space. The raw concrete walls and metal entrance creates a cool and unique industrial look within this space.  

Industrial Studio

Through the roll-up gate on the patio, you’ll find our industrial studio. This space is very versatile, but it’s natural look is much like the patio with raw concrete on the walls and floor that give it an industrial look and feel. This production space provides you an indoor alternative to the patio if weather, noise, or lighting becomes an issue. 

VIP Green Rooms

One of our client’s favorite amenities within Lytehouse Studio is the luxurious green rooms. These rooms offer the perfect space to host VIPs while they are on-set for your production. Your VIPs will be able to take advantage of vanities for styling, private space for outfit changes, and a full private bath.   


Lastly, our Brooklyn studio provides you with a full kitchen to utilize while on set. This kitchen can be used in multiple ways — whether you are wanting to incorporate it in your shoot, need the large sink for water access, or to simply prepare food for your cast and crew during the production.